Recommended standards of water quality in fiberglass hot tubs

In order to maintain the beauty of your fiberglass hot tub, please observe simple requirements for the water in your tub. Appropriate pH level would be between 7,0 and 7,5. Water should also be chlorine free, 0,3-1,0 mg/L (1,2 mg/L is the absolute limit).

Rules for maintenance of wooden hot tubs with a woodstove, installation and care of wooden hot tubs.

Wooden Hot tub is produced of natural materials, which implies certain conditions of usage. There are not many rules and they will not take much time and effort, but you will have an opportunity to enjoy taking hot baths in a wooden hot tub with a stove for a long time.

During the first use of a Wood-fired Hot Tub, the probability of leakage is quite high. Don’t worry it is the natural reaction of wood. We advise you filling your new hot tub with water for several times in order to let the wood absorb the required amount of water. This action will allow the hot tub swell, and the chinks will disappear.

Unless the barrel is moist enough it can demand twice as much water as it will be required in future for filling the Wooden Hot Tub. Interestingly, shrinkage and swelling of thermowood is only 10%, which makes this kind of material more suitable for the construction of the Wood-fired Hot Tubs. It is advisable to place a Wood-fired Hot Tub on a 5-15 cm height above the ground level (be sure to check the horizontal level). Water depth should be equal throughout the whole perimeter of a Wood-fired Hot Tub. The tub can be placed on wooden logs or concrete blocks, so that they could definitely bear weight of several tons. During the installation, it is necessary to locate the position of water drain. For this reason, one end of a hose should be adjusted to the drain hole at the bottom of a tub before the installation. Water should fill the hot tub for not more than 15 cm from the top edge.

  • Stove can be stoked only when the pipe is covered with water at least for 10 cm.
  • During the warm season it is better to keep tub filled with water at least for 10-15 cm.
  • It is advisable to treat tub from the outside with a protective agent once a year.
  • For a Wooden Hot Tub treatment and cleaning one can use agents for swimming pools.
  • It is necessary to prevent water from freezing in the tub during the winter time. Therefore, it
    is necessary to empty the hot tub after every use, in order to avoid ice formation.
  • Coal should not be used as fuel.
  • Stove should be cleaned after every 3rd – 7th time of use.

If a Wood-fired Hot Tub is not used for a long period of time, slight shrinkage is possible due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Do not worry; this is not a defect, but natural reaction of used material, timber. In this case, it is just necessary to tighten the nuts on the hoops and fill the Wooden Hot Tub with cold water, in order to let wood soak. In case of heavy shrinkage, one can slightly hammer the side profile of a tub with a soft hammer near the bottom of the hot tub. After that, it is necessary to tighten nuts, firstly, at the bottom hoop, then at the top one. Finally, it is not advisable to leave your hot tub without water for a long time during the summer period.

Medical advice
  • When the water is heated up to 39° С and more, then it is better to take a bath in arecumbent position, so that the heart area would remain above the water level.
  • During the winter period it is advisable to cover a head with a hat while taking hot baths.
  • It is medically proven that regular taking baths in a hot tub is a very good preventive remedyagainst cold, and influenza.